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Unfortunately, being hurt so easily can prevent you from reaching out to new people and experiences. Cancer Affirmations: "As I find safety and protection within myself, the world embraces me with open arms.

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My readings are inspired by use of the Tarot. Your Daily Focus for November 7, - Tarot - Astrology - Numerology - Oracle - Duration: 15 minutes. Your Daily Focus for February 28, through Tarot, Numerology and Astrology. Tarot with.

You're like the Sun, Leo, bringing warmth when you're happy and a chill when you withdraw. You need to find ways to cultivate your inner joy and share your radiance with the world -- even when feeling insecure or as if others don't appreciate you. Leo Affirmations: "As I beam my joy and love to others, I am warmed and fulfilled by my own radiance. You're good at taking care of the details.

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You're often annoyed when others do not operate at the same peak efficiency as you or seem disorganized and sloppy. Your lesson is to learn to tolerate imperfection. Virgo Affirmations: "As I accept myself and others exactly as we are, I relax and enjoy life.

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In your search for serenity, you're often confronted by those who do not share your need for peaceful coexistence, forcing you to fight. In trying to make decisions, you vacillate between opposing points of view, trying to please everyone. Life can seem unfair at times. Libra Affirmations: "As I see the justice and beauty around me, despite appearances, I find serenity. You have strong passions, which makes you an effective crusader.

Yet, your desire to control your environment -- and other people -- can also get you in trouble or plunge you into dark moods when you encounter resistance. Scorpio Affirmations: "As I wield my power skillfully for the good of all, I attract the highest and best in others.

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I don't like her but her readings seem decent. Jan 11, 7. I've tried to watch her and always tune out. I'm glad that your reading was on point, how much did you pay?

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From card descriptions, monthly readings to tarot tips, and much more. Brooklyn, NY About Blog Diana provides some guidance in the areas of love, boosting self-confidence and general spiritual living in the modern day with quick and on the go tarot, oracle and Lenormand card readings. Sun sign dates: January 20 — February Aquarius Dates. Every month she post readings for each sign. Woodbury, MN About Blog Llewellyn Unbound is the blog on resources for cultivating a richer life through magical living, spiritual evolution and Tarot reading. Karma Cousin.

Her tone of voice is too harsh for me, it literally hurts my ears; her vibration is just too coarse for me. Jan 12, 9. Thanks x 2 LOL! Jan 12, How do you get a reading from her? Jan 16, Her booking information is provided in her YT readings. You should see a link that will take you to her PayPal page. She also has instructions regarding the next steps after you submit payment.

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Jan 21, The reading she gave me really resonated and put a lot into perspective. Thank you Jesus! Deep within me is an abiding strength that knows no bounds. I have all the power I need to achieve all that I want. You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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February 13, February 13, The C-Sweet. Namaste Advertisements. Share the love - Share this post with a friend today!!

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