Sagittarius moon and sagittarius moon compatibility

Sagittarius Moon Compatibility: Enthusiasm Meets Idealism

She is kind and makes you feel secure. She's a rock to lean on, but expects commitment from you. Her Sag moon works well with your Aries Venus, she wants a little freedom in a relationship. She likes to travel and is restless like you. I believe she likes hiking and sports, doing things outside.

Leo rising is the facade she shows, and Leo is the Queen, so she makes a dramatic entrance and expects attention, so this can be a challenge to you. She's friendly, a good host, and loves to go out. She looks great and knows how to dress well. She can do this on a budget being a Taurus Sun, and is a natural beauty anyway, doesn't need help. Venus in Gemini means she likes to flirt, but I think she's basically looking for a long term relationship, a Taurus must.

She wants to discuss your partnership often and suggest ways to improve it, or figure out ways to make it better. Get used to it, she talks about her feelings often. Both Venus in Aries and Gemini are compatible, you have a definite spark there. Maris in Pisces is how she is physically, she is more of a cerebral person. She likes to do outdoor things, but also probably likes to paint, write, or express all that Venus in Gemini intelligence in some way. You both have Pisces in you, rising sign for you and Mars for her, so that helps you understand her.

I don't see anything in the way that can be too bad here.

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Just make enough time for her if you really care and Taurus needs to be shown physically how much you care. Gemini means shes romantic and both Taurus and Gemini traits mean you have to give her flowers or do little things to show you care. I think this can work.


Good luck. I am sun Aquarius with Cancer moon and Pisces rising. My Venus is in Aries and Mars in Capricorn. Often struggle in relationships which makes me sad.

gemini moon and sagittarius moon

Currently dating a Taurus sun with Sagittarius moon and Leo rising. Her Venus is in Gemini and Mars in Pisces. What are your thoughts?

Moon in Taurus

Choose your partner's Moon sign from the form above, or scroll down to see Moon sign matches with Moon in Sagittarius. Read more about what it means to. Sagittarius Moon Compatibility: discover how compatible Sagittarius moon is with all 12 moon signs.

I can tell you what all these planets in zodiac signs mean, but be aware this is nowhere near a complete astrology chart or interpretation of one. Sun in Virgo people are intelligent, witty and friendly. They are trustworthy and normally keep up on current events so seem younger than they are. The Sag Moon represents your emotional makeup, so you are restless and require change. Some Sag people are demonstrative and some are very quiet, so you could express your feelings in either one of those ways depending on the type of Sag moon you are. Scorpio rising people act intense and serious, although you have presence and others usually respect you.

Venus in Leo means you require a lot of attention in love and want to be treated like a Queen, so are a little high maintenance. But you are also generous and loving. Mars in Taurus means you are hard working and usually achieve your goals. You want to surround yourself with nice things, because the Leo and Taurus in you makes you feel like you deserve them.

It's a varied amount of zodiac signs represented here.

Lately when I cast charts I get clients who have large concentrations of planets in one zodiac sign, which makes a very focused but also challenging personality. So I think you are well rounded, which is good and easier in life. Best Wishes, Jean. Your Aquarius Sun means you are a nonconformist who sees life through your own lens.

You are artistic and quirky and fun. The Sag moon means you love the outdoors, and may travel often. You could fall in love with someone from a different culture. You may like a lot of freedom in a relationship but still want to be in one. Your Scorpio Rising is the way others see you. You seem serious and reserved until they get to know you. Scorpio gives you an intensity, and others may be intimidated by you.

You are strong and capable. Your Venus in Aries means you are a hopeless romantic who wants to shout it from the rooftops.

Sagittarius Moon Sign – The Moon in Sagittarius

You are demonstrative and really show it when in love. The Scorpio can make you possessive, but the Sag and Aquarius mean you don't want to be possessed. Your partner has to learn to give you some space, although you will be faithful. What does it mean? Thanks for your interest, but this is hours of work. I can be found on Google if you want to order an astrology chart or tarot reading.

Or try jeanbakula. I understand most people don't realize how much time it takes to interpret what you asked without drawing up a chart. My sun sign is pisces, moon sagittarius, ascendant cancer, venus aquarius, mars aries, Jupiter sag, mercury pisces, pluto sag, neptun aquarius. Well, to be honest, in all the years I did astrology, I only knew one couple who had the same sun signs who stayed together. I am Cancer and dated a Cancer guy for a short time years ago, but it's too much like being with yourself. But But your Sag moon is compatible with his Aries Sun.

Capricorn Moon, Libra Rising and Aries sun are all signs of leadership, so you both have traits of being ambitious and wanting to be go getters in life.

Moon in Aries

So why not give it a try? Hello : i ve just started to date one guy with an Aries sun and a Capricorn moon, I have an Aries sun, a sagittarius moon and a libra rising I can't accommodate people who get lists of planets from sites here anymore. I don't mind a Sun or Moon sign question, but you don't understand how many hours it takes to cast and interpret an astrology chart.

I don't use a program, and it takes me hours. If you want this information, go to jeanbakula wordpress.

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I have a waiting list of about 1 month. I don't really like answering this because it's so little of the picture. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by gentle Venus, though the Libra is more competitive and career minded.

Sag rising is a person who seems intelligent and is and in interested in many topics and causes. The Sag moon means you may not want to be tied down, but the Taurus Sun makes you want to be half of a couple. An Aquarius Moon guy wants freedom, and that's probably the issue you fight about.

The Virgo Rising means he's smart too, and may eventually want to commit more. Libra Suns also love relationships. I don't know what makes you have difficulties, and so it's hard to say. But with this amount of info, I'd say don't smother him, make him feel he has room. And you with a Sag rising and Moon should also have a lot going on that doesn't involve him.

I hope that helps. Hi, I'm a Taurus sun, Sag rising, and sag moon. I'm trying to date a libra sun, Virgo rising, Aquarius moon guy. It's been difficult.

Any hope? Well, it's all fire signs. Sag Sun means you are a person who is intelligent and interested in travel to and different cultures, education, philosophies and all religions. The Leo Moon is warm and caring, you like to entertain and have a busy social life. His Leo Sun means he is proud and extravagant, still a fire sign but more stubborn. He also loves entertaining and probably demands a lot of attention, Leos are high maintenance.

But the Sag moon gives similar interests that I gave for you. His moon may make him want freedom more than settling down, but your Sag Sun does the same. It would still work for romance and marriage though. I need a lot more info to do an astrology chart though. When I answer questions like this, 8 other planets in signs and houses, plus your ascendants and aspects on distance of the planets is being ignored.


Sagittarius, you are an idealist and optimist; while Virgo is more practical and more conservative. Virgo lives to be of service to others. They are very good nurturers, and that includes self-nurturing as well. Answer: I don't usually like couples with the same sun sign, it's like dating yourself, and in all my years as an astrologer, I think I only knew one successful couple like that. You both may initially find each other attractive, but on the long run it may be difficult for both of you, especially if either of you are trying to convince the other to do things your way.